Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021

Sucre: Gorgas investigates two COVID-19 strains that are more contagious than the initial one

Sucre: Gorgas investigates two COVID-19 strains that are more contagious than the initial one

The Minister of Health of Panama Luis Francisco Sucre, reported that the Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies (ICGES) investigates two strains of the coronavirus) that are more contagious than the initial one and urged the population to avoid all kinds of meetings, including family ones.
The most important thing is that you have to take care of yourself, we (Minsa) would not want to sanction anyone, that should not be necessary for the proper conduct to be adopted since in the end we are taking care of the health of our families, Sucre said.

During a tour carried out this Sunday through the facilities of the old Figali Convention Center, located in Amador, the Health Minister reiterated to the entire population to follow self-care measures to prevent contagion by COVID-19 and also avoid sanctions, since Panama faces a very difficult situation due to the pandemic.

On December 24, the director of Gorgas, Juan Miguel Pascale said that 6 coronavirus mutations have already been found in the country, but one of these is very efficient in infecting cells, which makes it more contagious.

Likewise, they carry out a random sampling study among all positive COVID-19 patients in 20 townships of the country, which present 50% of the country's infections, to determine, if the strain found in the United Kingdom and South Africa is already in the country.

MHogan 99 days ago
What about the severity of symptoms—how do the new strains measure up? Only being more contagious is a good thing in and of itself—we’ll reach herd immunity all the faster. And if the symptomology is no worse than the HIE (health impact events) of the vaccines already showing up in disturbing stats, it means no need for vaccines. And without vaccines, we need not worry about really severe outcomes attributed to mRNA vaccines by “antibody dependent response,” or “cytokine storm,” or “immune priming” or “immune super priming” if one comes into contact with a live virus after vaccination. Good to know more about these strains and better if diagnosis is made by symptoms rather than the faulty PCR.


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