Thursday, Apr 22, 2021

El Gobierno anunció el plan de reapertura económica que se implementará desde este jueves

Suárez recommends applying different traceability and reopening measures

Elisa Suárez, president of the Panamanian Association of Business Executives (Apede), called on the authorities on Wednesday to apply other mechanisms for the traceability of coronavirus cases, as well as for the reopening of economic activities.

I call for attention to that intrinsic struggle that doctors have among themselves right now in a way that is definitely not contributing, that we look for other formulas, we practice some different measures of traceability, follow-up, control, we support the traceability centers that we have throughout the country, if technology is needed, there are technology plans that can be incorporated that are on the table, let's use them, said Suárez.

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She indicated that applying other methods could obtain different results than those obtained a few months ago when the reopening of activities was carried out, after which an alarming increase in cases of COVID-19 was recorded.

Doing the same thing we did when we went to reopen in June, believe me that we are not going to achieve different results when we continue to open economic activities and we are not going to reduce the health situation that is so sad, she said.

Suárez's reactions come after the National Government announced the gradual and asymmetric economic reopening plan that will be implemented as of January 14 in the provinces of Panama and Panama Oeste, which were kept under a total quarantine measure.


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