Friday, Jul 30, 2021

Strong wave warning issued until Monday

Strong wave warning issued until Monday

Strong waves and rip currents are expected in the Panamanian Pacific until June 21, Sinaproc reported.
A warning of prevention due to strong waves and rip currents in the Panamanian Pacific was issued this Friday by the National Civil Protection System ( Sinaproc ).

Waves with heights of up to 4 meters are expected, with periods of 11 and 15 seconds, according to the Etesa Hydrometeorology department until Monday, June 21.

Faced with this event, Sinaproc asks to abide by prevention measures:

- Avoid doing activities in coastal areas.
- If you are going to sail in light boats, make sure you have personal flotation devices and communication radios in good condition.
- If you live near coastal areas, be aware of waves that can endanger your life and cause flooding.

In addition, a rain watch alert was issued until next Sunday, June 20, due to the displacement of tropical wave # 6 of the season, and according to meteorological reports from ETESA's Hydrometeorology, rains of varied intensity are expected with possible electric shocks.

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