Friday, Feb 26, 2021

Staycation, the best way to vacation without leaving Panama City

Staycation, the best way to vacation without leaving Panama City

Tourism is one of the sectors that little by little has been reactivated in Panama and the world, due to the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic. There is a new type of tourism that has become increasingly strong in our territory, it is the Staycation, ideal for those who want to feel like traveling without leaving the city.

As they read it, without having to go so far and confident of reaching a place where all the biosecurity and cleaning measures are met to protect our health and that of our relatives, this excellent option has arrived that allows us to live a different experience and only.

The W Panama hotel is the place where we can have a great weekend, whether it is a mini vacation or we simply feel the need to give ourselves a few days of healthy recreation, fun and relaxation with our loved ones, partner and children.

Located on Calle 50, the imposing structure of the W Panama will attract our attention from the first moment and not to mention its internal spaces, rooms, pool area, gym and other benefits it offers.

The best thing is that it was designed to enhance and honor Panamanian culture and with its designs I have no doubt that they will be impacted, as in my case, by the importance they give to indigenous art and its vibrant colors.

From the 15th floor, nationals and foreigners can enjoy the hotel's restaurants and entertainment centers such as La Cajita Bar, where everyone is welcome to meet responsibly and experience a unique moment of mixology and music in the city.

Likewise, this center reopens with the new W2GO modality, home orders with the best drinks for those who decide to celebrate from home.

Benefits that encourage you to stay

The W Panama hotel reopened on November 23 and is currently offering excellent options to get to know it. One of them is Dream it, Do it , an exclusive offer that provides great benefits for a limited time such as breakfast and free parking, welcome cocktails included, 25% discount on food and beverages, as well as full access to WET Deck, among other benefits.

And of course, for those of us who want to rediscover the special charm of Panama, W has the Staycation packages that I mentioned and Longer Stays , which offer great benefits such as 20% discount on food and drinks.

The service is very good, in La Cajita you can feel at home, there are tables, the bar and comfortable sofa-type seats so that one can choose the place that seems best to eat. They offer chairs for children, some bags to store the masks while you eat, cloths to disinfect the hands and the dishes are delicious.

Technology is another goodness that the hotel offers, because to avoid having so much contact with the menu that normally passes from hand to hand, there is a QR code on the table and the room, just by scanning it we will have the food and beverage options available.

It is also of free choice to order the food to the room or to go to the restaurants; and if you choose to eat in the room, place the trays and everything on the outside of the door, call and they will pick it up. This, to prevent staff from having to enter, one of the preventive measures against the coronavirus.

On the other hand, for those of us who have pets and want to make them part of the great Staycaiton experience, I have very good news for you and that is that the hotel is Pet Friendly, so you can take it, share unique moments and take many photos.

Definitely, valuing what we have in Panama and doing domestic tourism is the best, especially in these moments when the world is facing the coronavirus pandemic, leaving the country is not recommended; a compelling reason to start valuing what is ours, give strength to our sense of belonging and know all the benefits we have without leaving the city and most importantly, not lower our guard and protect ourselves with the use of a mask, alcohol and gel at all times. "Up with domestic tourism, let's adapt to the new normal!"

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