Sunday, Jun 20, 2021

Sports activities are suspended in some districts of Chiriquí

Sports activities are suspended in some districts of Chiriquí

The regional director of the Minsa told the director of Pandeportes that there are sporting events in which biosecurity measures are not kept.
Given the agglomeration that has been registered in some sports activities developed in some districts of the province of Chiriquí , the health authorities have made the decision to suspend these events.

The regional director of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), Gladys Novoa, reported that during a meeting held with the director of the Panamanian Institute of Sports in the province, she was raised about the situation that many inter-neighborhood sports activities are being carried out in which there are no they keep the biosecurity measures.

"Today in the morning we held a meeting with the director of Pandeportes here in the province, we informed him of the concern we have because there are sporting events that are formally established in courts, gyms and closed areas, and the income of 25% of capacity, but what happens is that in the vast majority of the districts they are open courts, even some improvised ones in which there are many friendly matches or inter-neighborhood meetings that do not keep any biosecurity norms and this is obviously a factor that contributes to the contagion," said Novoa.

It is worth mentioning that the border districts of Barú, Bugaba and Renacimiento, are where this prohibition of sports activities will be applied, in which a high incidence of COVID-19 cases has also been detected.

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