Monday, Oct 03, 2022

Spain is launching a digital nomad visa, but where should you stay?

Spain is launching a digital nomad visa, but where should you stay?

A network of around 30 villages and towns is welcoming remote workers to help revitalise their communities.
If you fancy getting away from your desk and jetting off to work somewhere far from home, then Spain might be your next destination of choice.

With the rise of remote working, the country is planning to introduce a digital nomad visa that will allow you to stay and work for a maximum of 12 months. Startups may also be given tax incentives to encourage young entrepreneurs to make a move somewhere new.

A lack of job opportunities in rural Spain has left many small towns and villages with dwindling populations but these destinations, in particular, are more than ready to welcome remote workers.

Around 30 towns and villages across Spain have decided to join the Red Nacional de Pueblos Acogedores para el Teletrabajo (or National Network of Welcoming Villages for Remote workers) to encourage digital nomads to visit. They all have under 5,000 residents and want to attract new residents to repopulate their streets.

Whether people stay for a short break or make these places their temporary homes, it is hoped that an influx of people working from home will help to revitalise communities.

Rather than having to find your own way, the programme offers remote workers a host who can welcome them to the town or village and connect them with life in the community.

You can find an interactive map of the locations calling out for digital nomads on the network’s website but here is a shorter selection of our favourites.

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