Saturday, Apr 17, 2021

El Minsa decidió restringir el ingreso a playas y ríos, como parte de las medidas adoptadas ante el aumento de casos de covid-19

Sinaproc raises red flags on beaches and rivers from December 23 to January 4

The National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) reported that as of this December 23, and until January 4, 2021, a red flag is established that prohibits beach and river activities throughout the national territory.
The entity stressed that the measure is due to the decision of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) to restrict the entrance to beaches and rivers, as part of the measures adopted in the face of the increase in cases of covid-19 in recent weeks.

Sinaproc indicated that, through the National Emergency Operations Center (COE), it will continue with surveillance and tours of beaches and rivers during the end of the year.

casual observer 115 days ago sound exactly like brain! Playing games brian?
conrad 115 days ago
Stupid communism rules that make no sense. I wonder how longer panamanians will take this crap. yes lock yourself in the house, work from home. unemployment thru the roof and 500,000!!!! children not attending school this year. Follow the communisms protocol it works! for who? for those in the government who continue to get their paycheck and have nannies in the big condos watching their kids attend online classes. Disconnected jack arses calling china for their next protocol.
kelly 115 days ago
There is zero science that supports closing the beach. This is not based on science but more choking control against the people to cause them emotional distress and make their lives miserable. The facts are and the science documents being expose to sun on the beach increases vitamin D which scientific studies have shown reduce your risk of covid19 by up to 95%. So people should start demand government provide science for their edicts that clearly have zero science behind them. Per the courts of Lisbon Portugal where scientific data was judged by the courts. It was found PCR tests reported 97% FALSE POSITIVES. Let me repeat that so you understand. The tests are only 3% accurate. All the New Cases you read about are based on FALSE POSITIVES or deemed fraudulent by the courts. Due to this fraud they no longer can lock up citizens, quarantine, stop people from running their business or shut down and destroy the economy. Point #2 Panama normally has 22,000 normal deaths since this magical virus came about 3566 have died, where are the excess deaths? THERE ARE NONE because the numbers dying are within normal expected. Meaning old with disease would be dying regardless of coronavirus. The facts document under 70 years old you have more risk of dying of influenza than coronavirus. The insane disproportionate response based on fear producing fraudulent PCR reporting that has been found to be 97% wrong, documents the lunacy of what is going on. 99.9% of Panamanians are living BUT are being destroyed while less than normal death rates are happening. We are not even seeing normal numbers of people dying and what is worse people that would be living are dying because they are afraid to seek treatment, then there are suicides', drug and alcoholism and domestic abuse killing more people than the coronavirus, all of it is outrageous that this has gone on this long. Flu, heart disease, cancer and all deaths have been eaten by coronavirus, if you believe that than you also believe the endless daily "new cases" that are 97% false positives! Enough is enough, look around you and everybody you know. The only people dying are people that are old or have underlying health conditions, the majority 99.9% are living after 12 months of the virus everywhere. This is economic and psychological terrorism based on PCR fraudulent reporting that even the WHO has admitted recently PCR is issuing FALSE POSITIVES. So the world have terrified by PCR tests that are fraudulent. Take a good look around your and everybody you know, if this was a real pandemic everybody you know around between 25 to 50% based on history would be dead! We are suffering from a PCR-demic and the courts have deemed them 97% fraudulent! Wake up take the fear glasses off, be objective, do some critical thinking and stop being manipulated by propaganda.


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