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Show Us The Money

Show Us The Money

Who is behind PT articles?

We’ve got a valid question from a reader:

 "I don't believe anything I hear, and only half of what I see...." However, what I see on PT is questionable, because the source is not always provided. Slanted stories from both the left and right  appear without attributing the source. CNN, One News, News Max, the NYT? Please let us understand the articles better by providing the details of who is telling us the 'news'.

Here is our answer:

 Fake news, cancel culture, paywall censorship, big tech dictatorship, state agents as journalists, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden... The press has replaced the ideal of balanced reporting with a new ideal of political activism. I do not mean just to say that it has a political bias. Political biases always exist and every journalist and publication has their own position.

 But, in the old ethos, distortion or omission (not to mention lies), were considered an offence that embarrassed anyone caught up in such a scandal. But, when the goal is not reliable reporting but the advancement of a political agenda, a post-journalistic press not only allows itself to be omitted and distorted, it even does so wholeheartedly and with a clear conscience.

 For it does not measure itself in relation to the truth, but in relation to the political purpose which it has undertaken to advance. 

And that is the problem we are trying to fix.

 As you can see very clearly, this is not a commercial news website.

As you follow the news on this website, you know already that we do not represent any agenda, and we publish everything our readers upload and we find interesting - whether it is 'for or against' everybody/anybody.

We show every side of a conflict, because this is what we missing in every one-sided news reporting. 

We are an absolutely private and not-for-profit venture, getting zero support from anybody. We have no ties to any government, big tech, politicians, lobbyists or outside commercial interests.

Our project was born from the need to have non biased journalism, by the public, from the public to the public, and to expose the big picture to intelligent readers that are open minded to the facts, regardless of who likes it or not. We do not like everything we read here, but it’s more important for us to be informed and not only to like. 

We are fighting the trend of fake news, manipulative reporting, censorship and biased reporting in a peaceful and productive way.

We do not take advertising and nobody pays us for the money that we invest to bring you the items you read here every day.

By nature, when we publish a story that supports the USA, some readers blame us that we are American agents. When we promote news that supports or is against Biden or Trump (or Boris Johnson or Putin or Zelensky, or Xi), people get emotional, and suspect that we are from the side that we promote, or are against the side we condemn. When we publish news that is positive to China, Russia, or the USA etc., people suggest that we are one of their propaganda news outlets.

We are not. But we encourage you not to take our word for it, and read more news from many other websites and from all sides of every conflict, because the level of lies, fake news and censorship has crossed the 1984 red line and poisoned the whole news industry.

We cannot claim, anymore, that reading the news will make you an informed citizen. You are more likely to become misinformed and uninformed.

We are not Americans, not Russian, not Chinese, and in no way similar to other fake news incubators. We are absolutely private and independent.

We are not-for-profit, but do not need donations. We are lucky enough to be able to do what we believe is right without external support. 

We are learning, testing and experimenting ways to get all of the news - only the 'real news'. But just like you, we also “don't believe anything we hear, and only half of what we see...”.

We are working on exciting new online radio and online Real-news TV platform (as we realized that the 1939’s cancel-culture took over YouTube and Spotify). If any of our readers would like to volunteer to be the host, a guest, a reporter, please contact us. 

 Thank you for asking and for the feedback.


Cabriales 185 days ago
Nicely stated.


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