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Shopping malls, restaurants and other services to reopen 28 September

Shopping malls, restaurants and other services to reopen 28 September

The Government of Panama, through Resolution No. 902 of September 24, 2020 published this Friday in the Official Gazette, authorized the reactivation, operation and mobilization of new economic activities as of September 28.
Through the resolution, the reopening with the presence of the retail trade public is authorized, which includes the opening of shopping centers, restaurants and inns and all professional services, administrative and general services.

The reopening of the Presidente Remón Racecourse is also authorized, without the public and only with virtual betting mechanisms.

The resolution indicates that these activities will operate from Monday to Saturday, with the exception of activities that take place in places that have a curfew established by the Ministry of Health (Minsa) and shopping centers may open from 10:00 am onwards. .

They must comply with the guidelines for a return to normality, the health guidelines for post-COVID-19 operations, and protocols and measures established by the Minsa.

They must also provide their workers with biosafety implements such as alcoholic gel, masks, among others.

The decree highlights that restaurants and inns, in addition to complying with current health regulations for these types of establishments, must also comply with post-COVID-19 biosafety guidelines.

Panama began on September 7, a series of reopening of new economic activities with staggered dates until October 12.

Oh ya 208 days ago
So we can go eat and go to the mall and shop but we can not go to the beach. You can't make this type of BS up unless you work for the government


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