Saturday, May 08, 2021

En medio del operativo fue detenida una persona con arma de fuego

Shooting in Curundú leaves 4 civilians and 2 policemen injured

This Friday, December 25, a shooting was recorded in the Curundú sector, after units of the National Police (PN) arrived at the scene to stop a clandestine party that was taking place in a multifamily, in the middle of the total quarantine.
The police units were greeted with blunt objects and detonations.

Deputy Commissioner Édgar González said that in the middle of the shooting, two police units and 4 other people were injured, who were later transferred to a medical center for care.

González said that it is not ruled out that rival gangs are involved in the event.

In addition, a person carrying a firearm was arrested in the middle of the operatio

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