Saturday, May 08, 2021

Desarrollan operativos en el sector de Felipillo

Several people arrested allegedly linked to the murder of a policeman in Felipillo

Through various operations carried out by the National Police in conjunction with the Public Ministry in the Felipillo sector, it was possible to find several people allegedly linked to the homicide of a policeman, Jonathan Kadir Rodríguez Vergara.
We have the people allegedly involved in the punishable act, we have sufficient elements that allowed the Public Ministry to order the detention of three minors and two adults, who are going to be placed at the orders of the authorities, the judge of guarantees, to prove his responsibility within this act of blood that involves a hero of the National Police, there may be other people who have been able to participate in one way or another, we are doing the work with the Public Ministry and all those who result with some kind participation will be placed at the orders of the authorities as appropriate, explained the director of the National Police, Jorge Miranda.

The killing occurred during the early morning, when the uniformed man was carrying out his preventive rounds and was intercepted by a group of people, who caused his death.

The Minister of Public Security, Juan Pino, mourned the death of the police unit, and emphasized that they will carry out the actions to achieve the capture of all those responsible for this crime.

It is a great loss for the family of the public force when an officer loses its life in an act of service, we regret what happened and especially my personal condolences towards the wife and family of Jonathan Rodríguez, we are at this moment in the place of the events, with the Public Ministry doing the actions that must be carried out, we are going to find those not yet identified who were there, said Pino.

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