Sunday, May 09, 2021

Las vacunas arribarán la madrugada de este miércoles 23 de marzo

Seventh batch of 70,200 Pfizer vaccine doses will arrive this Wednesday

The Ministry of Health of Panama (Minsa) announced on Tuesday that the seventh batch of vaccines from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer / BioNtech against COVID-19 that will arrive in the country at dawn this Wednesday will be 70,200 doses.
Until March 16, 2021, the country has received 350,860 doses from this pharmaceutical company and with this shipment it is expected to raise that figure to 421,060 doses of the 450 thousand agreed for the first quarter of this year.

This is how Pfizer's vaccines have been delivered to Panama:

January 20 - 12,840 doses
February 17 - 67,860 doses
February 24 - 77,220 doses
March 3 - 87,550 doses
March 10 - 42,210
March 16 - 63,180
March 23- 70,200 (to come)

This new shipment will allow the continuation of the vaccination of the second doses of the second-line health personnel, the security forces and the first vaccinated group of the elderly, corresponding to the 8-6 circuit.

It was detailed that some 58 thousand doses will be used for the second dose of stage 1B, corresponding to the essential groups. Regarding the vaccination in San Miguelito, it was anticipated that it will take place from April 5 and people will be notified through the emails or telephones offered.

It should be noted that the Minsa announced that it had requested the purchase of 2 million more doses to cover minors under 18 years of this same pharmaceutical company to guarantee vaccination to the rest of the country.

Oh ya 46 days ago
The world has gone sick. Those under 18 have a 99.997 % chance of living if they catch the flu yet those in charge want to do this to the uneducated kids that have no idea that this so called vaccine is really a experimental biological agent. Goverment officials shpuld be charged with child abuse if they do this.


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