Monday, Sep 20, 2021

Secretary General of Amoacss: CSS is in management crisis

Secretary General of Amoacss: CSS is in management crisis

"They say there is no money, but there is money if it is not stolen," questioned the Secretary General of Amoacss, Fernando Castañeda.
The secretary general of the Association of Physicians, Dentists and Related to the Social Security Fund (Amoacss), Fernando Castañeda, cataloged this Friday as "disastrous" the situation of the management of the CSS.

He also questioned that there is a "manipulation" in the dialogue, through which it is being seen that the entity has less income due to the pandemic, despite the fact that there are reports about the increase in the payroll.

“We are in a disastrous situation in the management of the CSS, at this moment we are seeing how people are being manipulated in the dialogue, making them understand that the fault lies with the workers and not with the bottles they have been putting ... a sector of people who work and there is a sector of bottles that the deputies and the people of the Government send, we must differentiate that ... they say that there is no money but there is money if it is not stolen, there is money but unfortunately they are handling it in a way that is not allowing us to provide a good service, where are the teams?” emphasized Castañeda.

He clarified that when pointing out the issue of the bottles, he does not refer to officials appointed with salaries of B / .500.00, but rather those appointed at a senior managerial level whose salaries exceed $2,000.

“Do not want to accuse now a humble worker of $500, $600 or $700 of being the culprit of the managerial debacle, talk about those who have appointed with $2,000, $3,000, $4,000 or $5,000 those are the ones that generate the problem and obviously the political interference that gets into health institutions is affecting us, because it is not the same to have professionals whom they appoint politically, ”he explained.

He added that the extension of the validity of the CSS file to patients who lost their jobs during the crisis caused by the pandemic should be covered by the State.

"The Government has to be responsible, not only give one billion to help the banks, one billion for loans, where is the unemployment aid? That is called unemployment insurance or job loss insurance, they have it in the States United and other first world countries ”he pointed out.

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