Saturday, Jul 31, 2021

Second school term begins on Monday, 78 schools will continue with blended classes

Second school term begins on Monday, 78 schools will continue with blended classes

Meduca began the implementation of blended classes in 78 schools on May 31.
As of this Monday, June 14, the second quarter of classes of the year 2021 will begin, as established in the School Calendar.

The Minister of Education, Maruja Gorday de Villalobos, reiterated that in this second quarter 78 educational establishments will continue under the modality of blended classes, highlighting that none have registered cases of COVID-19, since they began on May 31.

β€œIt is important to be able to convey to parents that decisions by district are going to be made in conjunction with the health authorities and the education authorities of each educational region as we have been doing, so for the moment we continue with the 78 because the positive of this beginning was that there was no contagion so far in those 78 educational centers, including some schools in the private sector and we began that process in the townships where the positivity rate is extremely low and obviously we will always need reference and the recommendations of the Ministry of Health ”, said the head of Meduca.

For his part, the spokesman for the Association of Authentic Independent Teachers, Armando Espinoza, questioned that within Meduca there is slowness in terms of the process for the conditioning of educational establishments for their inclusion in blended classes.

"Educators are the most interested in the gradual return to schools, we have always said it, as long as the biosecurity measures are complied with, everything is good as long as things go well ... but we must recognize that there are a slowness in the Ministry of Education in being able to fix and have the schools ready. There are 3,200 schools that Panama has, of these there are more than 1,800 that must be impacted, when the Ministry is going to finish doing this, then we are talking about a blended presence that does not occupy even 3% or 4% of the students in the In the country, there is a 97% that remains in virtuality, so we have to demand that Meduca hurry, to speed up the issue of the arrangement of educational institutions,” said Espinoza.

The second school term will end on Friday, September 3.

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