Sunday, May 16, 2021

La medida se debe al incremento en los últimos días de casos positivos de covid-19

Santo Tomás Hospital suspends specialized outpatient consultation

The Medical Directorate of the Santo Tomás Hospital reported the temporary suspension of care in the specialized external consultation.
The hospital indicated that the measure is due to the increase in the last days of positive cases of covid-19.

Special services such as vascular clinic, HIV clinic, orthopedic emergencies, wound clinic, anticoagulation clinic, diabetes clinic, post-operative control, chemotherapy will continue to be provided.

The Medical Direction asked in case of having an appointment assigned, call 524-3677 to confirm or reschedule it.

Last week, due to the increase in cases of Covid-19 conditions in Panama and the increase in the number of patients at the Santo Tomás Hospital, the entity made the decision to suspend transfers from other institutions.

The medical director Elías García Mayorca, reported that the increase in patients is leading to the limited availability of beds at the Santo Tomás Hospital, the largest hospital in Panama City.

The medical authorities reminded the public about the biosecurity measures, such as wearing masks and / or use of the face shield, keeping a physical distance of two meters, and washing your hands frequently and use your alcoholic gel.

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