Wednesday, Apr 21, 2021

Esta es conocida también como la intersección de la vía Transístmica con las avenidas Ricardo J. Alfaro y Domingo Díaz o la 180

San Miguelito intersection is partially closed from February 13 to March 16

From February 13 to March 16, the intersection of the Transístmica highway with Ricardo J. Alfaro and Domingo Díaz avenues (Intersección de San Miguelito or also known as 180) will be closed, announced the Ministry of Public Works (MOP).
"These works are part of the project" Study, Design, Construction and Maintenance for the rehabilitation works of the Transístmica highway, Plaza Ágora-San Isidro Station, Panama province," the MOP said in a statement.

According to the MOP details, this partial closure is due to the fact that concrete slab replacement works will be carried out in the six lanes and central area of ​​said intersection.

Drivers who come from the Domingo Díaz road and need to go to the city (Transístmica road) are advised to use the return located in front of the Instituto Rubiano educational center.

While those vehicles that come from the Ricardo J. Alfaro road and go to Los Andes, San Isidro, La Cabima and Panama Norte must use the return located after the bridge over Río Abajo and before the Pueblo Nuevo Metro Station or other alternate routes.

The Land Transit and Transportation Authority (ATTT) will place the required signage to avoid accidents in the work area.

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