Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

Russian intelligence chiefs accused of Ukraine intelligence failure, and in response they consider to oust Putin

At the same time, a group of citizens from the Russian elite plan to try to overthrow the rule of Russian President Vladimir Putin in a variety of ways
The senior group is reportedly planning to assassinate Putin - and has even already named a potential successor: Alexander Bortnikov, who is currently serving as head of the Russian Federal Security Service.

Bournikov and his department were responsible for the failed analysis of the mood of the Ukrainian population and the ability of the Ukrainian army.

Bortnikov failure led the Russian army to heavy losses. Intelligence on Ukraine has in fact completely failed, while at the same time it is clear that Ukraine has good intelligence about Putin's immediate environment.

Now the head of intelligence and several other influential members of the Russian elite are exploring various options to push Putin out of power, with the support of Western countries with whom those concerned have a good relationship.

* Reading Warning: This article cannot be verified, and it may be false information, in an attempt to lead to a conflict between the two.

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