Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

Russian central bank decides not to reopen stock market trading this week

Biden says Russian stock market will ‘blow up’ when it reopens after sanctions.
Russia’s central bank on Saturday said it has decided not to reopen stock market trading on the Moscow Exchange from March 14-18, with the exception of some non-open-market transactions an transactions using the SPFI payment system.

It said the foreign exchange market, money market and repo market would open at 0700 GMT on those days. The bank said it would announce the operating mode for the following week at a later date.

President Biden said he expected the Russian stock market to blow up the second it reopens in response to crippling sanctions that have been imposed on the country in response to its invasion of Ukraine.

“You know what the value of a ruble versus a dollar? You need 200 rubles to equal $1 today. 200,” Biden boasted to a conference of House Democrats in Philadelphia on Friday. “The totality of our economic sanctions and controls are crushing, crushing the Russian economy,”

“[The] Moscow stock exchange is closed for a simple reason. Why is it closed? Because for the last two weeks because the moment it opens, it will be disbanded. Hear me? It will blow up. Credit rating agencies have downgraded Russia’s government to junk status. Junk status,” he added.

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