Tuesday, Jun 22, 2021

Rubén Blades receives the COVID-19 vaccine and urges everyone to apply it

Rubén Blades receives the COVID-19 vaccine and urges everyone to apply it

The renowned Panamanian singer-songwriter, Rubén Blades, showed his followers the precise moment in which he received the COVID-19 vaccine and urged everyone to apply it.

The renowned Panamanian singer and songwriter, Rubén Blades , published on his Instagram account a photograph of the right moment when he received the vaccine against COVID-19 and took the opportunity to send a message of reflection to his followers.

Blades told about the side effects he had after getting vaccinated; He only felt "tired" and as if he was going to get a "cold", but by the third day he was normal.

If you have not done so, and if there is a possibility in your community, my recommendation is that you get vaccinated. It is the surest way to prevent the infection from killing us," he said.

He also expressed his concern about the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic that countries such as India, Costa Risa, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador have had; and on Panama he said that even though deaths and infections have decreased, it does not mean "that we have come out of the problem.

"I respectfully advise those who have had only one vaccine: get the other one too. If you don't, you can get sick and the result can be even worse. Even if you feel better, apply the second dose, if possible," he warned.

Blades' publication can be read in full here, where he also spoke on various topics from Panama and the world.


Oh ya 37 days ago
Thought he was smarter than that to take a experimental biological agent because it is NOT A VACCINE. Or he is in on the gig and getting paid like many other celebrities to pretend they took the jab. Either way not my problem


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