Friday, Feb 26, 2021

Cedeño recordó que el Rt la semana pasada estaba en de 1.11

Rt of COVID-19 in Panama falls to 0.99

Dr. Israel Cedeño, director of the Metropolitan Health Region reported this Tuesday, August 18, that the Rt or effective reproductive index of COVID-19 in Panama fell to 0.99.
Cedeño recalled that the Rt last week was at 1.11.

This means, the doctor explained, that each person who becomes infected with this virus can infect a maximum of one person or possibly infect no one.

The province of Panama continues to mark the highest number of new and active cases, followed by Panama Oeste, Chiriquí, Colón, Veraguas, Bocas del Toro, Coclé and the comarcas, while the province of Los Santos marks the least number of cases.

He explained that from March 9 to the epidemiological week that ended August 15, there was an increase in cases with the opening of block 2 of economic activities, but in the week of July 27 a decrease was reported, and has maintained the sentence of confirmed daily cases.

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