Thursday, Oct 06, 2022

Rosendo Rivera withdraws accusation against Ricardo Martinelli in Pinchazos case

Rosendo Rivera withdraws accusation against Ricardo Martinelli in Pinchazos case

Rosendo Rivera communicated his "irrevocable" decision to withdraw his accusation against former President Ricardo Martinelli in the Pinchazos case.
The lawyer Rosendo Rivera, plaintiff in the Pinchazos case that follows the former president of the Republic of Panama Ricardo Martinelli, gave up continuing in the process.

Rivera communicated, by note, to the judges of the Trial Court his “irrevocable” decision to withdraw his accusation against the former Panamanian president for the crimes of interception of telecommunications without judicial authorization, and monitoring, persecution and surveillance without judicial authorization, committed in damage.

"Today I leave behind a process to which I have dedicated almost 7 years, I close that chapter," said the lawyer Rivera.

Of the six plaintiffs in the Pinchazos case, three have reached agreements. They are Juan Carlos Navarro, Mauro Zúñiga and the journalist Rubén Polanco.

Now, with Rivera's decision to withdraw his accusation, two plaintiffs would remain in the process that is being followed against former President Ricardo Martinelli: Mitchell Doens and Balbina Herrera.

The new oral trial of former President Martinelli for the Pinchazos case began on July 21, despite the agreements reached.

The Prosecutor's Office asks for a sentence of eight years in prison.


A former director of Information Technology of the National Security Council (CSN) was presented this Friday as a witness on the third day of the trial that follows former President Martinelli.

In this Friday's session, Iris González confirmed that Rony Rodríguez (then director of intelligence and deputy director of the CSN), William Pittí (deputy director of intelligence) and Ismael Pittí worked in the period when she held that position.

González described in court the functions of these three people. He also gave details about the equipment used by them when they worked in the Intelligence Department of that office and the internet providers.

This third day of trial began at 11:00 am, with the completion of the reading of the documentary evidence that the prosecution had presented yesterday, Thursday: the contract that the CSN gave to Liberty Technologies Corp., to provide technological resources.

Upon his arrival at the judicial offices, the superior prosecutor Aurelio Vásquez insisted that he will try to introduce "all the suitable evidence" to prove the crimes for which former President Martinelli is accused.

The Public Ministry has said that Martinelli faces the maximum penalty of eight years in prison, four for each of the crimes committed to him: interception of communications without judicial authorization and monitoring without judicial authorization. The two crimes of embezzlement were excluded from the indictment when the appeal court ordered a new trial last November.

At around 10:30 am, the former president arrived at the Plaza Ágora judicial offices. He questioned the fact that eight prosecutors are - according to him - wasting time in this trial that he considers "political."

The intervention of the former CSN official lasted about two and a half hours. Later a recess was declared, until 4:15 pm.

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