Thursday, Feb 25, 2021

Rosario Turner 'remains in charge' of the Ministry of Health

Rosario Turner 'remains in charge' of the Ministry of Health

Health Minister Rosario Turner continues to be in charge of the team of professionals that has faced the COVID-19 pandemic since the national emergency was declared on March 13, the Ministry of the Presidency reported.
"Dr. Turner remains at the forefront of this team of heroes and heroines who are on the front line, standing up as soldiers participating in the war that is being waged from hospitals and health centers against the repercussions of the new coronavirus," highlights the statement.

The minister is leading the team that consists: doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, laboratory workers, hospital cleaning personnel and all that gear that is in place for the benefit of all Panamanians and foreigners residing in the national territory.

There we audio and text material circulating on social networks this weekend that indicated the alleged resignation of Turner. The theories emerged, as Turner has not led the recent days press conferences to report the Coronavirus development in the country, as she has been doing regularly since March.

"As she has done since the National Emergency was declared, Minister Turner has spent the last days coordinating from her office, designing strategies and from the other battle fronts the actions that are taken to combat this evil that affects the entire world" adds the statement.

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