Thursday, May 13, 2021

Se prevén fuertes lluvias desde este jueves hasta el domingo 21 de marzo las que podrían acarrear la crecida de varios ríos

River flooding warning issued for the coming days

The Department of Hydrometeorology of Etesa issued this Thursday 18 of a Surveillance Notice from 3:00 am on this date until 11:59 pm on Sunday, March 21, due to the possible spontaneous flooding of rivers.
The warning is given in view of the presence of heavy rains and intense and constant storms, expected during the following days, which makes predicting flash floods in various rivers in various sectors of the country.

The notice indicates that a high water flow will be generated in a short time, in the face of heavy rains and for this reason they advise maintaining the safety and monitoring standards, even more so if they are areas where people usually go swimming.

Areas prone to flooding and under surveillance include:

Embera region
Guna Yala region
Western Panama
The Saints
Bocas del Toro and
Comarca Ngäbe Buglé

The Hydrometeorology Notice No. 1 indicates that this March 18 sectorized events of rains are expected, which can generate accumulations of up to 35 mm (l / m2) per day in the regions of Colón, Darién, Central and Eastern Panama. While the rest of the country will have a probability of scattered showers and showers.

While for March 19 and 20 rains of greater coverage are expected covering most of the country and some regions may have accumulated rains up to 60 mm (L / m2) per day such as: Ngäbe Buglé, Colón Centro and Costa Abajo, Veraguas Norte and Centro, Chiriquí in the Highlands and Lowlands, sectors of Darién and Comarcas, Guna Yala, Panama East and Comarcas.

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