Saturday, Jan 16, 2021

Restricciones agravarán crisis en mercado laboral

Restrictions will aggravate crisis in labor market

The businesses had planned to resume their activity at the end of the quarantine decreed by the authorities between January 4 and 14. However, the gradual reopening process announced last Tuesday will mean that many businesses will have to remain closed or operate with limitations.
This, according to several employers and specialists in the labor market consulted, is going to translate into an increase in the suspension or termination of employment contracts and the closure of businesses.

One of the most affected sectors will be tourism, since the beaches would not reopen until March 15, according to the schedule presented by the authorities. Ernesto Orillac, president of the National Chamber of Tourism, said that they are asking the authorities to reconsider the measure, since it can produce a domino effect of business closures and job losses.

Nadkyi Duque, president of the Panamanian Association of Shopping Centers, said that in the last months of 2020 the situation had been improving and there were expectations to reactivate more contracts in January, something that will not happen.

For his part, the president of the Panamanian Association of Restaurants and Related, Domingo de Obaldia, calculated that after this pandemic, some 2,400 restaurants will have closed their doors permanently.

Ruby Red 1 day ago
This is in Spanish but basically you can go to the beaches Mon-Fri for exercise. No gathering. Not during weekend total quarantine.
Ian Eloff 1 day ago
I'm supportive of most of the measure that have been taken, but I think that we can find more effective and creative solutions, such as closing the beaches only on weekends, when they're very busy and people from the city flock to the beaches. So keep them open on Weekdays (Monday to Friday) so that tourism and related employment do not dwindle to almost nothing. Close them on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) only, otherwise we will kill the economy, jobs, and make people desperate - which can lead to social instability, and sadness. All tourists coming (or rather, wanting to come) to Panama, are pre-screened for COVID-19, so let's let them use the beaches on weekdays, when they will not be joined by people from the city in crowds, but can enjoy the beaches almost all alone. Whenever we travel to Coronado, as retired people, during weekdays, we're are often the only ones in the sea in that huge bay - and that was before COVID-19! Let's give Panama hope ... let's get creative in solving these problems!


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