Wednesday, Apr 21, 2021

Residentes de Panamá Norte realizaron una protesta pacífica para pedir que se culminen los trabajos de construcción del Parque Municipal del Norte. Al lugar llegó el alcalde capitalino, José Luis Fábrega

Residents of North Panama demand that Mayor Fábrega complete the municipal park

The residents of Panama Norte held a peaceful protest this Thursday, September 17, to demand that the Municipality of Panama complete the construction work of the Parque Municipal del Norte, which is currently 70% complete.
Recently, the Municipal Council of Panama approved the signing of an agreement with the Ministry of Education (Meduca) for the use and administration of the park as a comprehensive educational center with a notorious urgency request.

The residents of this area rejected this decision, which they describe as non-consultation.

The mayor of the capital, José Luis Fábrega arrived at the place where the protest took place. He said that what is contemplated with the agreement is to adapt the infrastructure for an educational center and complement it with a park.

Fábrega indicated that the conversations with Meduca and the National Institute of Professional Training and Training for Human Development (Inadeh) seek to strengthen and give more scope to the facilities.

Why not the North area can deserve to have a complex that respects nature, that can have a comprehensive park, sports areas, areas for children, gyms, said Mayor Fabrega.

The former mayor of the district of Panama, José Blandón, also arrived at the site, who indicated that his administration handed over the park to the current mayor with 70% progress.

Unfortunately in a year and three months that they have in the mayor's office, the project is just as we delivered it in July, nothing else has happened here since July of last year and that is unfortunate, we are at the same percentage of progress, said Blandón.

He explained that the park originated in 2003, with a law that was approved by the National Assembly (AN), through which a 20-hectare globe of earth was allocated for the construction of a recreational, cultural and sports center.

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