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Vista de un avión en la pista del Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen.

Requirements for travelers to enter Panama modified

The Ministry of Health of Panama issued a resolution that modifies the sanitary measures for Panamanian passengers and foreign residents who enter the country, as long as the State of National Emergency is maintained.
In Resolution No. 863 of September 3, 2020 , which modifies the numeral of article 2 of Resolution No. 766 , it is established that:

All passengers entering the national territory must present a negative swab / PCR test certificate a maximum of 96 hours prior to boarding.

The previous resolution established a maximum time of 48 hours prior to entering the country.

These measures apply to flights previously authorized by the Minsa, as well as signing an acceptance in the sworn statement, provided by the Airline, through which the passenger agrees to:

- Comply with the sanitary control measures and health protocols established by the National Government through the Ministry of Health.

- The use of the application to monitor the appearance of symptoms and confirmation of quarantine or other measures provided by MINSA for the proper traceability of the passenger.

- Provide the landline of the residence where the quarantine will be carried out.

Copa operates flights from August to September under conditions of the Controlled Operations Center.

Starting next October 12, Panama will proceed to reactivate international aviation, as established in the Updated National-Provincial Reopening Plan approved by the Cabinet Council.

International commercial aviation and passenger transport flights have been suspended since March 22, by order of the National Government, after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in Panama.

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