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Inscripciones para el Nuevo Plan Panamá Solidario estarán disponibles desde este jueves

Registration for the New Panama Solidarity Plan will be available from this Thursday

Starting at 12:01 am this Thursday, July 1, 2021, the National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG) will set up a section on the website , so that citizens can update their data. This, in view of the New Panama Solidarity Plan.
And, according to the announcement made by the Government of Laurentino Cortizo, to receive the $ 120 monthly voucher, people must complete 24 hours a month of community social service or training at the National Institute of Professional Training and Training for Human Development that they have a total duration of 10 hours each. To maintain this benefit, people have until July 31 to register on the digital platform.

Repair of school centers, maintenance of sports infrastructures, packaging of solidarity bags, community cleaning and decoration, and the vaccination program are some of the possibilities for community help.

Luis Oliva, administrator of the AIG , explained that, from Thursday, in the part of "Vale Digital", users will find a button to update their personal data. “There the information that people have already completed in previous months will be collected. They should indicate if this information has changed or something about their situation that they can add, "said Oliva, in statements to TVN Noticias.

The official specified that important questions have been incorporated, for example, if the person has any medical condition, or some degree of disability, that prevents him from doing social service or virtual training.

In turn, topics related to the profession or what the person is dedicated to were included, to link it with the job bank that is developed in conjunction with the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development. According to Oliva, with the latter, companies and multinationals will be able to have access to the Panamanian stock market so that they can be hired.

In the last month, more than 708 thousand people received transfers directly to their ID. The number of beneficiaries with the Digital Voucher has decreased in recent months, after the reactivation of employment contracts and other exceptions.

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