Wednesday, Jan 27, 2021

Este es un programa donde la producción se complementa con el tema de conservación, para la sostenibilidad del sistema productivo

Reforestation project for coffee plantations in Renacimiento moves forward

The Ministry of Agricultural Development of Panama (MIDA) reported on a reforestation project in coffee plantations, which is being carried out in the Renacimiento district , in order to contribute to the sustainability of the coffee sector, in this productive area of ​​western Chiriqui.
The information was given during a field day held at Mr. Rodolfo Villarreal's farm, located in the Miraflores area of ​​Río Sereno, where beneficiary producers attended .

It is a program where production is complemented with the issue of conservation, for the sustainability of the production system, said Rodrigo Luque, the national director of MIDA's environmental and climate change unit, who chaired the event on behalf of Minister Augusto Valderrama.

The execution is carried out through a MIDA coordination, the Renaissance Producers Association (APRE), the tropical agronomic research and teaching center CATIE and the Natura foundation; aimed at 25 producers committed to training in different areas of activity and recovering some 50 hectares of coffee with new varieties, Luque highlighted.

Jorge Pitti, the president of APRE, said that in general what is being sought is for coffee growing to be maintained and increased, but well managed, because we know the economic impact that coffee growing generates, not only economically, but also environmentally. and social, "a coffee growing under an agroforestry system".

At this event, technicians from the Chiriquí regional MIDA and APRE provided information about the new varieties to be used, mostly tolerant to the main crop pests, including rust.

It should be noted that these varieties will be grown under the shade of forest and fruit trees, for the recovery of ecosystems.

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