Sunday, Oct 25, 2020

Jinetes reunidos en el Hipódromo Presidente Remón

Races on halt from Saturday at the Presidente Remon Hippodrome

A group of riders and trainers met with representatives of the Presidente Remón Racetrack, after registering two accidents in less than 24 hours.
After the conversation ended, the riders announced the suspension of the races this Saturday, due to the lack of ambulances, the poor condition of the track and supplies necessary to attend an emergency.

This occurs after an apprentice rider suffered a spectacular fall along with three other colleagues in the sixth race of the day yesterday, Friday, at the Hippodrome.

The rider Jean Carlos Rodríguez is in a delicate condition, while the other three young people were transferred to different hospitals due to the blows they suffered in the fall.

The morning of this Saturday, another fall of a rider was reported during a practice inside the facilities.

Through a statement, the Hipódromo de Panamá SA, indicated that the riders compete with all the safety elements, such as: helmet, glasses and protective vest; and they also have private health and life insurance coverage. Once the accident occurred, all the protocols established for this type of emergency and transfers for their medical attention were complied with.

They state that Hípica de Panamá, SA, "is providing all the necessary support to the riders involved and their families."

A second meeting between riders, trainers and representatives of the Hippodrome is scheduled for next Monday, October 19, in search of solutions to the requests due to the lack of security measures.

It should be noted that the races at the Presidente Remón Hippodrome were reactivated on October 1, with betting on online games.

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