Friday, May 14, 2021

El ministro de Salud de Panamá, Luis Sucre

Quarantine in Herrera is lifted as of February 1, but remains on weekends

Starting at 4:00 am next Monday, February 1, the total quarantine that governs from Monday to Friday in the province of Herrera will be lifted, but it will be maintained on weekends, announced the Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre.
Sucre explained that during the weekdays the movement of people and access to beaches and rivers will be allowed.

The reopening in this province will be gradual. Retail trade will be reactivated only for online service and home delivery, the construction industry and activities related to the supply chain, administrative and general services, professional services with competence, technical services, places of worship with a capacity of 25%, outdoor sports without physical contact, and wholesale trade with exclusive delivery to establishments.

The restriction for access to shops by gender will be maintained, that is, Monday, Wednesday and Friday for ladies and Tuesday and Thursday for men.

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