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Qatar 2022: Panama historically beat Anguilla and is Group leader

Qatar 2022: Panama historically beat Anguilla and is Group leader

The Panama national team scored 13 goals against Anguilla in the Qualifiers for Qatar 2022 at the Rod Carew Stadium. Gabriel Torres scored 4 points.

The Panamanian national team had no mercy on Anguilla and beat them 13-0 at Rod Carew for the Qatar 2022 Concacaf Qualifiers at Rod Carew Stadium.

With this result, the Panamanians are leaders of Group D in the first round of Qualifiers on the way to the Soccer World Cup in Qatar 2022 with 9 points, while the Dominicans remain in 7 units.

For this match, Thomas Christiansen rotated part of the team, taking into account the match against the Dominican Republic on Tuesday, in the closing of the group for the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers.

With a starting XI debuting Francisco Palacios, Omar Córdoba, Carlos Harvey, Jorman Aguilar and Richard Peralta, the Panama national team had no problems to resolve against their rival on duty at Rod Carew.

The Rod Carew National Stadium once again hosted a Panamanian team in the World Cup Qualifiers, as in 2008, before more than 5,000 fans, under MINSA regulations.


Panama's first goal fell at minute 7, when in an individual play, Armando Cooper finished off his right leg from a distance, defeating the goalkeeper for 0-1 at Rod Carew.

At about 18 minutes, Cecilio Waterman in the center of Omar Córdoba scored the 2-0 for Panama against Anguilla, this being Waterman's first goal in a Qualifying, on the way to Qatar 2022 .

The partial win came with the shout of goal from Jorman Aguilar, after a move by Córdoba on the right, defining the 0-3 practically empty goal, and his first goal in a World Cup qualifying round.

After half an hour into the game, Gabriel Torres from the penalty kick had the confidence and defined to the right of the goalkeeper, who made no effort to cover it, converting the 0-4.

Starting the second half, a goal against, being generated by a play on the left side, was 0-5 for Panama.

Cecilio Waterman headed his double in the 50th minute, being 0-6.

A good individual play by Alberto 'Negrito' Quintero, who yielded to Gabriel Torres, ended in Panama's seventh goal of the night against Anguilla en route to Qatar 2022.

The eighth goal for Panama was scored by Miguel Camargo, before another great center from Omar Córdoba on the right, for the header.

Gabriel Torres scored his hat-trick in the 70th minute, after Richard Peralta's cross on the left to make it 0-9.

Jair Catuy increased the lead to 10, after just seconds on the court, with his goal at minute 71, with the LPF scorer again having a presence in the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers.

Torres added one more goal to his account after 84 minutes of penalty.

Alberto Quintero on 85 minutes, with his right leg and below the goalkeeper, converted one more for the national eleventh.

Francisco Palacios a minute from the end, with a header scored the 13-0 for the Panama team.

Francisco Palacios, Omar Córdoba, Carlos Harvey, Jorman Aguilar and Richard Peralta made their qualifying debuts with Panama en route to Qatar 2022.

Panama's line-up to face Anguilla in the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers :

José Calderón, Francisco Palacios, Adolfo Machado, Omar Córdoba, Richard Peralta; Carlos Harvey (Víctor Griffith, 46 '), Armando Cooper (César Yanis, 46'), Miguel Camargo (Abdiel Ayarza, 71 '); Jorman Aguilar (Alberto Quintero, 46 ​​'), Gabriel Torres and Cecilio Waterman (Jair Catuy, 71')

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