Wednesday, Jul 06, 2022

Putin to stop gas exports to 'unfriendly' nations unless they pay in Russian rubles

“Unfriendly countries” must start paying for Russian gas in rubles, or their supplies will be cut, Moscow has said.
The decree, published on Thursday by state media, came a day after the leaders of Italy and Germany said they received assurances from President Vladimir Putin.

Mr Putin talked tougher, saying that starting from Friday, Russia will start accepting ruble payments for Western countries that imposed sanctions over its invasion of Ukraine.

He said contracts will be stopped if buyers don’t sign up to the new conditions, which include opening ruble accounts in Russian banks.

Oh ya 96 days ago
Can not blame him the US has frozen him out of the SWIFT system so dollars and euros are of no us to Russia. Bidrn thought he had pulled a good move, well that came back to bite the US and countries that followed


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