Thursday, May 13, 2021

Waleska Hormechea, fiscal general de Cuentas

Public Prosecutor's Office requests to audit officials' $60,000 master's scholarship program

Waleska Hormechea, Attorney General of Accounts, asked the controller, Gerardo Solís, to carry out a special audit of the designation of scholarships to officials of this and other government entities, to carry out master's studies in Public Law with an emphasis on Patrimonial Responsibility.
According to the prosecution, the scholarships were financed with public funds, and were carried out through an agreement with the University of Panama in 2012. 15 officials from various state institutions received the scholarships.

According to the report the officials have not presented documents that certify the completion of the Master of Public Law with Emphasis on Patrimonial Responsibility, taught at the University of Panama, for which it is presumed a patrimonial injury."

The signed agreement established that the Public Prosecutor's Office would finance the master's degree for $ 60,000.

Public servants could not resign from their posts for a period of two years, after completing their studies.

The accounts attorney, Waleska Hormechea, sent the request to the Comptroller with an authenticated copy of the report prepared by the Internal Audit Office, which details the possible irregularities.

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