Monday, May 17, 2021

Hasta el momento hay seis detenidos por este intento de secuestro de Moisés Cortizo

Provisional detention for sixth person implicated in attempted kidnapping of President Cortizo's brother

This Tuesday, March 23, at the control hearing held at the facilities of the Accusatory Penal System (SPA) of Panama Oeste, the Judge of Guarantees, Yadielka Peralta, decreed the precautionary measure of provisional detention against a 26-year-old citizen, for the alleged commission of the crime Against Individual Liberty, a form of Kidnapping Attempt, to the detriment of a businessman and brother of President Laurentino Cortizo.
The Judge detailed, after hearing the arguments of the intervening parties, that the court based its decision to order the personal precautionary measure of provisional detention to the accused, considering it necessary, suitable and proportional to the nature of the fact; coupled with procedural risks.

In addition, the Judge of Guarantees legalized the arrest and declared the formulation of the imputation of charges made by the Public Ministry, which was represented by the prosecutor of the Section against Organized Crime, Jeny Moreno. And the public defense of the accused was in charge of the lawyer Maryorie Tejeira.

The Public Ministry reported on this same case, the Judge of the Criminal jurisdiction of Adolescents of the province of Panamá Oeste, Lorena Hernández Valdés, decreed the personal precautionary measure of provisional detention, at a minor age, for the alleged commission of the crime against the Individual Freedom in the form of Kidnapping Attempt against Moisés Cortizo.

In this act of hearing, the apprehension of the accused was legalized, in addition to various investigation procedures and the formulation of the imputation of charges, carried out by the Public Ministry, which was in charge of the Superior Prosecutor Neyza Nereira, was considered presented. The particular technical defense was exercised by the lawyer Alexis Ríos.

The incident took place last Thursday, March 11, 2021, in the Peñas Blancas sector, on the premises of the farm owned by the victim, located on La Mitra de La Chorrera road, Panamá Oeste province.

So far there are a total of six adults and one minor investigated.

The Public Ministry of Panama reported that the Prosecutor's Office against Organized Crime in coordination with the National Police learned this Monday, March 22, a sixth person allegedly linked to the crime of attempted kidnapping that occurred in La Mitra de La Chorrera, on May 11. March, against the brother of President Laurentino Cortizo .

On the day that the events against Moisés Cortizo occurred, the Police thwarted the kidnapping and apprehended five alleged linked, 4 men and a woman, who after a hearing of guarantees were placed under provisional detention while the facts are investigated.

According to the authorities, the intentions of the alleged kidnappers were known by their intelligence team prior to the events, however they indicated that they did not know that the possible victim was the president's brother.

According to President Cortizo, about this kidnapping attempt, his brother Moisés had been contacted after he published on the Internet the sale of a farm located in the La Chorrera sector.

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