Friday, Feb 26, 2021

Protests spark in Minneapolis, U.S. over the death of an African American man

Protests spark in Minneapolis, U.S. over the death of an African American man

Protests over the death of an African American were unleashed on Tuesday in Minneapolis, United States. George Floyd, an African American, died after being subdued by a police officer who pressed his knee against Floyd's neck for several minutes, while passersby filmed the event and demanded him to stop.
Thousands of people protested Tuesday night in Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA) over the death by police of the African American George Floyd that occurred 24 hours earlier.

The protest started at the location of Floyd's death and ended in front of a nearby police station, where riot police fired gas and rubber balls at protesters after some damage, according to local newspaper The Star Tribune.

The protesters marched to the shout of "I can't breathe!", The same sentence that Floyd uttered while one of the officers held him immobilized for minutes with a knee on his neck.

Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who represents the city of Minneapolis, said that "what is happening tonight in the city is shameful," urging the police to "act in moderation" and give "space to heal" to the community. "Shooting rubber balls and tear gas at unarmed protesters when children are present should not be tolerated. Never," she said.

Minneapolis Councilman Jeremiah Ellison called the police action "disgusting."

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced Tuesday afternoon the firing of four police officers involved in the events that led to Floyd's death, including the uniformed man who appears in the videos with his knee on his neck.

Several by-passers witnessed the events that occurred on Monday with Floyd, which made it possible for videos to spread quickly on social networks.

Police had arrested him on suspicion of trying to use a fake $20 bill at a supermarket.

"Please, please, please, I can't breathe. Please," Floyd, 40, begs for his life.

Both the FBI and state authorities in Minnesota have launched an investigation into the events.

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