Thursday, Feb 25, 2021

Unas 10 personas han sido aprehendidas

Protestors in Colon demand jobs

This Monday, January 18, several points in the city of Colón were closed in the morning by groups of people demanding jobs.
The protesters blocked the roads in sectors such as Calle 5 and 6 with burning tires. Crowd control units of the National Police (PN) were deployed to guarantee circulation.

More than 10 people have been apprehended during police actions amid the protests.

The National Police agents were active very early on Bolívar Avenue, around the 15-story building, after a closure by the protesters.

The correspondent for Radio Panama in the province, Enrique Watts, reported that, given the use of blunt objects during the protest, it was necessary to use force to disperse them and prevent a new street closure.

The call was made through social networks, by social and political groups in the province, who demand jobs, supply of drinking water and, in addition, timely attention to the pandemic.

Several people outside the protest were left in the middle of the exchange between crowd control and protesters.

The National Police woke up in other sectors of the province of Colón to avoid damage to third parties.

Oh ya 37 days ago
Just amagine what it will be like in the event of a currency collapse, the people who demand free stuff will be out in the thousands. The government can not give these people jobs only a robust economy can do that and the world economy is slowing thus so will ours


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