Wednesday, Apr 21, 2021

Los manifestantes arrojaron gran cantidad de piedras a lo largo del cordón fronterizo

Protestors clash with Costa Rican police in Paso Canoas

On Thursday, November 19, strong clashes between citizens and Costa Rican police took place in Paso Canoas.

The protests occur to reject the negotiations for a financial agreement between the government of Costa Rica and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which includes a tax hike and the sale of some state assets.

The protesters threw large amounts of stones along the border, while the police threw tear gas to disperse the protest.

The National Border Service (Senafront) of Panama reinforced security in the border cordon, due to the large number of merchants who were affected by the protests.


Oh ya 152 days ago
They best keep up the fight. Their government is selling out their country. Have the IMP in your country is like having Louie the loan shark at your door


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