Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021

Laurentino Cortizo, presidente de la república de Panamá

President Cortizo tests negative for COVID-19

The Presidency of Panama reported this afternoon that Laurentino Cortizo, went through the swab test, applied on Monday, September 7, and it yielded a negative result in COVID-19.
The test is part of the biosafety measures that the president must comply with, given the work schedule that he carries out throughout the country; for this reason, he must undergo scheduled periodic swabs, president's doctor Hector Sánchez added in the statement.

The information indicates that the president has a biosafety team that guarantees compliance with personal protection measures, arranged for those attending government events.

Oh ya 216 days ago
Ya so does 99%of the general public and with less that the 1 % that do just a fraction die yet he locks down the country and ruins many peoples lives. Just like all the other world leaders being lead by the WHO and the nutjob Dr F


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