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President Cortizo says at the UN that Panama has done its part in the migration crisis, asks other countries to act

President Cortizo says at the UN that Panama has done its part in the migration crisis, asks other countries to act

President Cortizo indicated that Panama dedicates an important part of the "limited resources" it has to the assistance of migrants.
During the seventy-sixth regular session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), President Laurentino Cortizo affirmed that "Panama is doing its part" to achieve progress in the face of the challenges posed by irregular migration and vaccination against COVID-19.

For the Panamanian president, the historical and constant phenomenon to which one cannot be indifferent is migration.

“So far in 2021, more than 80,000 irregular migrants have crossed the national territory. This figure has exponential growth. To understand how dramatic the situation is, Panama went from receiving 800 migrants in January this year to 30,000 last month,” he explained.

According to Cortizo, most of these migrants, from the Caribbean and Africa, come from traveling through various countries in difficult conditions, and Panama offers them dignified treatment and offers them, for the first time on their journey, temporary shelter, medical assistance and food. . He indicated that an important part of the "limited resources" that the country has is dedicated to these tasks.

“Panama, do your part. We appeal to the international community to make, as soon as possible, a joint effort, with coordinated strategies and resources to anticipate a regional humanitarian crisis of serious proportions. This is everyone's responsibility ”, he insisted.


Likewise, Cortizo pointed out that the greatest challenge that remains to be faced, after the pandemic, is climate change, and offered Panama as a bridge to bring nations closer together and seek common solutions to regional problems.

“Also on this issue, Panama is doing its part. We are one of the three countries in the world classified as carbon negative ... Panama is a Blue World Leader, complying with the 30x30 Initiative to protect 30% of our oceans, a goal that we reached 9 years before the date set for 2030 ”, concluded.


On the other hand, he highlighted the progress of Panama regarding anticovid immunization. “The pandemic hit us all equally globally… and Panama, in a preventive way, managed to hire enough safe and effective vaccines for its entire population. Thanks to this, we are only weeks away from reaching a collective immunity ”, said the president.

Despite this, Cortizo mentioned that "the goal cannot be for some countries to achieve herd immunity, when the goal must be for us to achieve global immunity."

"The pandemic has made it clear that in today's interconnected world, the only path for humanity's survival must be guided by solidarity," he said.

mike 322 days ago
Look at him. With no coffee filter mask on his face. He must have forgotten that in Panama.


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