Saturday, Jan 22, 2022

President Cortizo partially objects to bill 544 on electoral reforms

President Cortizo partially objects to bill 544 on electoral reforms

The President of the Republic returned Bill 544 to the full legislature for them to consider what was objected to.
The General Directorate of Communication of the Presidency of Panama reported this Friday afternoon that the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo, after the corresponding evaluations, decided to partially object to the bill of Law 544 that reforms the Electoral Code, and returns it to the National Assembly.

The return to the full legislature, as indicated by the Presidency, this is given so that they consider the objection.

It should be noted that on Monday the magistrates of the Electoral Court in a statement to the country recommended to President Cortizo to object to bill 544, since according to them it should be thought "in the best interests of the citizens."

In a communication from the Electoral Tribunal, he pointed out the need to correct the way of assigning seats by residue in the multi-member circuits, emphasizing that in bill 544 presented, a system was proposed that fully complies with the constitutional mandate to guarantee the principle of However, this proposal was eliminated, which is inconvenient for the country. "The National Assembly decided to maintain the current formula in the Electoral Code that does not comply with that constitutional mandate."

Until now, it is unknown what the Presidency objected to.

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