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President Cortizo: negotiations with Minera Panama start September 1

President Cortizo: negotiations with Minera Panama start September 1

A high-level team will be in charge of drawing up a new contract with Minera Panamá and this must ensure that the country obtains the best interests.
The President of the Republic Laurentino Cortizo reported that from this September 1, a high-level team will begin the discussion of a new contract with Minera Panama.

"Tomorrow, September 1, the negotiation between the Panamanian State and the company Minera Panama begins. For this I have appointed a high-level team committed to the interests of the country, to which I have given the precise guidelines and guidelines. The purpose is to reach an entirely new contract with the company Minera Panamá that establishes the terms of its presence in the country, as well as the conditions for the exploitation of the so-called Cobre Panamá mine," said the president.

Cortizo emphasized that for his government in this negotiation, the commitment to ensure the best interests of the country will prevail above all, so that the maximum use of natural resources is sought, which means that the country must receive substantial and fair interests for the extraction of mineral resources and that this extraction is carried out in accordance with the best practices established for mining by the international community.

In conclusion, the new contract must include the best environmental, labor, fiscal, economic and social development aspects for Panama, but specifically for the communities of Donoso and Omar Torrijos, in the province of Colón; and all its areas of intervention.

In addition, the president stressed that the negotiation must ensure the necessary resources for institutional strengthening in order to be able to execute a strict control, that each of its clauses was monitored, and Cortizo said that for this the team was asked for the greatest determination, integrity and transparency.

"In this sense, a periodic report on the progress of the negotiations will be presented to the citizens. The Panamanian interlocutors have all my confidence, the terms that are approved will fully respond to the use of our natural resources," said Cortizo.

Oh ya 26 days ago
Well we will see how smart his group of negotiators are by the amount of gold the country gets out of the copper /gold mine to store away for the day when the paper currency becomes worthless. Gold and silver have been real money for 4000 years. Paper currency not so much


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