Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021

President Cortizo evaluates unpaid leave for unvaccinated officials

President Cortizo evaluates unpaid leave for unvaccinated officials

The president of Panama, Laurentino Cortizo considers that all public officials should be vaccinated against COVID-19.
The President of the Republic of Panama, Laurentino Cortizo, expressed the government decision that every official should be vaccinated against COVID-19 and added that if he does not do so, it is analyzed to send officials home through a leave without pay.

"What I want to say to you in this message is that please avoid that charge of conscience and convince your loved ones, your friends, and your coworkers that it is important to get vaccinated, including public officials. They have absolutely no right not to be vaccinated, they have no right to infect our people," argued Cortizo.

Cortizo reiterated that the obligation of all public officials is to be vaccinated and added "I am analyzing with a group of people the possibility that those who do not get vaccinated go home without pay, they have no right to infect people that she is vaccinated and is working."

In his statements, President Cortizo indicates that every day and every week he reviews the COVID-19 figures, emanating from the Ministry of Health, and through these he has been able to appreciate that most of the people who are dying are not vaccinated.

However, hours later the National Government indicated through a statement that this provision has not yet been implemented and stated that it remains under study.

"The National Government reiterated that no measure has been approved that sends home, with leave without pay, those who have not been vaccinated. This provision has not entered into force, it is being studied to evaluate whether the labor, health provisions and social allow it," says the statement.

The words of President Laurentino Cortizo came from the inauguration of a school in the district of Ocú, in the middle of a tour of the province of Herrera, where he also examined the facilities of the new Public Market of Chitré, where the progress of the project is located 98.99% and will have 172 stores.

RealCORTIZO 38 days ago
That is not only blackmailing...that is madness & back to the roots (Dictatorship).
How about NO PAYMENT for any politician unless they prove they did something useful and benefitiatry to country or population?
Forcing people to take a death shot of a substance that has been condemned by so many other at its best.

Cortizo is the biggest clown of all the past 2-3 presidents. Like all his "business partners" he will end up in GITMO...maybe they allow him a cow.
mike 38 days ago
that is black mailing


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