Saturday, Feb 27, 2021

El presidente Bolsonaro anuncia que dio positivo al nuevo coronavirus

President of Brazil Bolsonaro tested positive for the new coronavirus

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, announced this Tuesday, July 7, that he tested positive for the new coronavirus, but that he is "perfectly fine" with mild symptoms.
The test result has just come out with a positive result, the 65-year-old president announced in a television interview from the official residence in Brazil, where he says he is treating himself with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.

Bolsonaro reported that he began to feel bad on Sunday and worsened on Monday, feeling "tiredness, indisposition and a fever of 38 degrees", for which his doctors recommended that he undergo the test.

The far-right president has minimized the disease since the start of the pandemic and has participated in various public events without wearing a mask, in addition to criticizing the social isolation measures implemented in various states due to their economic impact.

I'm fine, take it easy, he said, taking several steps back and removing his mask to show his face on camera.

Life goes on. We are going to take care of ourselves, especially the elderly and those who have a disease that is a risk factor, he urged, but reiterated that the 'side effects' of fighting the virus cannot be 'worse' than the disease itself, referring to the damage to the economy by stopping the health crisis.

In recent days, Bolsonaro vetoed several articles of the law on the use of face masks in public places to face the pandemic in Brazil, the second country in the number of deaths and confirmed cases, after the United States.

According to the last official balance, this Monday, 1.6 million people were contaminated and 65,487 died of Covid-19 in Brazil.

Bolsonaro has previously had three tests to detect the coronavirus. In May, he was forced by the Supreme Court to deliver the results, which were negative.

On Saturday, it flew over the areas affected by a cyclone that left a dozen dead in the state of Santa Catarina (south).

In the afternoon, he published photos on social networks in which he is seen with his face uncovered with several ministers and the Washington ambassador in Brazil, during a luncheon celebrating United States Independence Day.

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