Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021

Presidency explains expenses for the purchase of Geisha coffee and guayacán wood

Presidency explains expenses for the purchase of Geisha coffee and guayacán wood

The Presidency of Panama spent $4,600 in 200 units of Elida Geisha Natural Coffee of 120 grams, and $4,140 in 100 boxes of Guayacán wood in June.
The Presidency of Panama explained the expenses made by the Protocol department of this entity in Geisha coffee and guayacán wood, and which are included in the discretionary item.

According to the institution, it is an expense destined to the acquisition of gifts for trips of the President of the Republic of Panama, Laurentino Cortizo, abroad for meetings with leaders of other countries, CEOs, businessmen or international personalities, "especially when it comes to to promote investments in the country.”

He explains that Geisha coffee was chosen for being a "flagship product, for its world-class quality, and to stimulate national agricultural production" in its various areas.

Regarding the purchase of wood, the Presidency indicated that the delivery of these presents is made in a craft made with native wood, appropriate for a pound of coffee as a gift.

According to the breakdown that appears in the discretionary item of the Presidency of Panama , on June 1, 2021, check No. 733 was issued in the name of Highland Coffee Inc., for the purchase of 200 units of Elida Geisha Natural Coffee of 120 grams for use by the Superior Office for $4,600.00; ($23.00 p / u); and check No. 734 payable to Alma Studio, SA, for the purchase of 100 boxes of guayacán for the Superior Office for $4,140.00. ($41.40 p / u).

The total cost for both gifts is $64.40, highlights the Presidency.

In previous statements, Cortizo specified that this delivery to other heads of state and businessmen is on behalf of Panamanians, which in turn serves as advertising for the national brand.

Oh ya 58 days ago
Well one needs to promote the country so it seems reasonable. The other option is a empty Seco bottle and a photo of a drunk driver. This country really needs to get proactive on drinking and driving. Mr PRESIDENT were are the drinking and driving STOP CHECKS at night? If drinking and driving were in the Olympics Panama would win GOLD, SILVER and Bronze. We get stopped lots during the day to see our drivers license but the cops dissappear at night when the drunks are leaving the bars and parties. Maybe they could do some night shifts


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