Thursday, Apr 15, 2021

Desmantelan red dedicada a la venta de drogas que usaba el servicio de ‘delivery’

Police takes down a network dedicated to illegal drug sales and delivery

The Drug Prosecutor's Office and anti-narcotics officials of the National Police dismantled, on Wednesday morning, March 3, a network dedicated to the sale of drugs that used the delivery service for the distribution of narcotics.
Police Commissioner Cynthia Meneses said that raids were carried out in El Dorado and Marbella, where drugs such as marijuana, ecstasy and LSD that were distributed locally were seized.

Meneses said that three people who used the delivery service to transport drugs to different parts of the city were arrested in the proceedings .

Sources from the Public Ministry revealed that there are several criminal groups that have used this system for the distribution of narcotics, since motorcycles allow them to evade checkpoints and move quickly through the city.

Oh ya 42 days ago
Just shoot those involved. Thats the way to stop them from dping it again... Forever


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