Wednesday, Mar 03, 2021

Police investigates video showing officer pepper spray dog

Police investigates video showing officer pepper spray dog

The National Police (PN) initiated an administrative investigation of units, after a video that circulated on social networks shows how one of them pepper spray a dog during a diligence in the La Rivera de Pedregal sector.

The owners denof the dog brought the matter forward, as the animal did not represent danger.

Those who are responsible for imposing the corresponding sanctions and disciplinary measures for the offense committed will be subject to disciplinary processes, police said in a statement.

According to the police, this action tarnishes the work of the Environmental Police, which so far this year has rescued 1,155 domestic animals and 811 wildlife.


Nito CHORizo 192 days ago
Sooo typical for this shithole of a country. If these uneducated - low-intelligence persons, dont do stupid stuff like this, they will stand at the side of the road and scroll their cell-phones up and down OR they accumulate in groups of minimum 5, to wave their hand like idiots in one direction. Clearly this is a job profession that needs a high profilce and educated candidate, otherwise they would wave in the other direction.
3rd wold 4ever!
Oh ya 193 days ago
Both those cops NEED to be fired. If the President of this country has any power this should be done today. And if the police chief does not do it he also needs to be fired.


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