Friday, Jan 15, 2021

Policía acude a La Porqueriza donde se realizaba una fiesta de Año Nuevo

Police interfere a clandestine New Year's party in La Porqueriza

Agents of the National Police went on January 1, 2021 to buildings in La Porqueriza, in Pueblo Nuevo, where a New Year's party was being held.
Videos of the party circulated on social networks, which are prohibited by virtue of a total quarantine arranged by the Government to stop the cases of Covid-19 in the country.

According to these videos, the attendees - most of them young - did not follow the recommended biosecurity measures to avoid new infections. It was known that the invitation to this party was made through advertisements on social networks.

Another clandestine party was held in the PH San Miguel Arcángel, in San Miguel.

Once they noticed the arrival of the police to the site, the participants of this party tried to escape from the buildings where the activity was taking place to avoid being detained.

Both celebrations were characterized by loud music and non-compliance with sanitary regulations.

Oh ya 13 days ago
Yes the people are feed up with this BS lock down. Protect the ones that need to be and open the country back up. Even the CDC have said now that people not showing signs do not spread the virus and that masks do not work. This is about control not a virus


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