Tuesday, Apr 13, 2021

El vehículo hallado era propiedad del agente de la Policía reportado como desaparecido

Police found a body in a state of decomposition and a car incinerated in San Carlos

The director of the National Police of Panama, Gabriel Medina Delgado approached the La Ermita sector, San Carlos district, where a body was found in a state of decomposition and an incinerated car.
At the scene of the events, Medina stated that given the state of decomposition of the body, which had been affected by the days it had spent in abandonment and by the damage that birds of prey had caused in it, it had not been possible to with the identification of this person .

The director confirmed that this finding occurred after residents of the sector denounced the abandonment of the vehicle, and when the police units approached, they recognized that it was the car of a National Police agent, who was reported as missing by his relatives since last Thursday.

The agent is 20 years old and has worked for the entity for two years. He currently works in the 3rd Police Zone.

In a police report issued at 11:00 am, it was detailed that the vehicle is a gray Kia Sportage with registration AA-2949.

The Public Ministry approached the scene of the events to remove the body and initiate investigations.

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