Thursday, Sep 29, 2022

Pentagon scraps Trump’s $10 billion ‘Jedi’ contract with Microsoft

Pentagon scraps Trump’s $10 billion ‘Jedi’ contract with Microsoft

The US Defence Department has cancelled its $10 billion Jedi cloud-computing project, reversing the Trump-era award to Microsoft.
The shelving of the contract - which stands for Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure - now opens up the deal to other big cloud computing players, including Amazon.

While the Trump administration wanted a single provider, the Biden administration has said it would likely split the project with multiple companies.

The WeChat social media platform is facing claims it deleted dozens of LGBT accounts run by university students.

Members of several groups in China say access to their accounts was blocked late on Tuesday and they later discovered that all of their content had been deleted.

China’s looking at sending 20 huge rockets into space to practice deflecting large asteroids, just in case one ends up heading towards Earth.

The country’s National Space Science Center’s been simulating how to use Long March 5 vehicles to ram into objects outside our atmosphere.

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