Sunday, Oct 17, 2021

Panameñista Party deputies face expulsion request hearing

Panameñista Party deputies face expulsion request hearing

The Panameñista Party prosecutor requested the expulsion of deputies González, Concepción and Vigil for failing to comply with the collective's statutes on July 1.
The deputies of the Panameñista Party Bernardino González, Everardo Concepción and Elías Vigil face an expulsion hearing on Wednesday afternoon, August 18, for not following the line of the group and voting in favor of the deputy Crispiano Adames as president of the National Assembly (AN) .

The Prosecutor of the Panameñista Party, Porfirio Batista, asked the Court of Honor and Discipline of the group to expel these three deputies for failing to comply with the party's statutes on July 1 in the election of the new directive of the National Assembly.

Deputy Vigil said upon his arrival at the hearing that they did not receive a resolution signed by the National Directorate on the line of the group for the election of the Board of the Assembly from the head of the bench.

While Deputy González indicated that Article 154 of the Constitution of the Republic of Panama establishes that deputies are not legally responsible for their opinions and the vote they cast on the occasion of their office.

"We do not understand why the cause they have put in the process for casting the vote in office in the National Assembly," said González.

The Panameñista Party nominated deputy Pedro Torres to preside over the Board of Directors of the National Assembly.

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